Duck Hunting

DeValls Bluff, Arkansas

State of Arkansas IconArkansas is known for it's great duck hunting. In recent years, as the sports popularity has grown, it has become harder and harder to enjoy quality safe duck hunting. To compete for a spot on public land a person has to be equipped with so many high dollar items such as a boat, motor, GPS, waders, decoys, mechanical decoys, callers, and expertise. That is a high challenge for someone just getting started or trying to introduce a child to the joys of duck hunting.

We are providing an affordable, high quality, high value hunt without all the upfront overhead costs. Not only is it enjoyable, it is a safe and reliably good hunt.

  • $100/person weekdays
  • $125/person weekends
  • Morning and afternoon hunts available
  • Reservations suggested but walk-ins welcome
  • Availability limited
  • Open 2nd (Dec. 8-23) and 3rd (Dec. 26-Jan. 29) season of 2016-2017 season
hunter supplies
  • Shotgun with plenty of shells. It isn't uncommon for hunters to need more than 1 box. License and Stamps-all state and federal rules apply
  • Warm clothes and boots. Waders are helpful in duck retrieval but are not required as we can retrieve for you.

HSMF Provides:

  • Transportation from HQs to Pit
  • Pit with wooden floor and drop down screens
  • 2 Dozen decoys and a robo-duck
  • Duck and decoy retrieval upon pickup from pit

The Harry Saul Experience

After checking in at the office, taking care of the paperwork and going over some basic rules; you'll be delivered directly to your pit. We will distribute the decoys and robo-duck while you're settling in. After we leave, its up to you and the ducks.

Several species of ducks frequent the farm but scaup are the most plentiful duck. These ducks are fast fliers but decoy extremely well. It is common for the ducks to land within 20 yards of the pit; which works great for kids killing their first bird. For those hunters who prefer a challenge, these hunts are the perfect place to test your wing shooting skills.

After you've finished your hunt, you simply call us for pickup and we will deliver you right back to your vehicle.

Duck hunting has never been more convenient!