Our goal is to provide the highest quality product at the best value for our customers. This does not mean we are the cheapest product available. This means we feel we have the best value. There are several attributes which adds to the value of our product:

1) Grade– Our customers get the size fish they order. If that size isn’t available we make it known up front.

2) Survivability- Our bait lives. If there is a high mortality then there was a problem. We look to find that problem and correct it. If our customer is losing fish, then they can’t be successful and neither can we.

3) Weight- At Harry Saul Minnow Farm we strive to provide a consistent product. In order to do this we take several steps to ensure our customers receive the appropriate weight to fill their order.

4) One Stop Shop- At our farm we offer water, ice, oxygen, bait, as well as miscellaneous items on site. We strive to meet all your baitfish needs and provide you with the necessary tools to successfully haul fish.

We have recently added Rosy Red Feeders to our product line. We strive to provide the reddest, highest quality,
rosy reds available. We go to great lengths to ensure our broodstock is free of black tuffies; as a result, our line of
rosy red feeders are consistently red and free of black fish.


Three Species Available

Rosey Red Minnows

Golden Shiner Minnow

Fathead Minnow