Grow Trophy Bass

Do you want to grow trophy bass?

Grow Trophy Bass

Almost every recreational pond owner has similar goals. They want to provide a place where friends and family can enjoy great fishing. That implies large bass, fast action, and lots of fun. One key ingredient to that is large healthy bass.

There are only a couple ways a recreational fishing pond can have large healthy bass. One way is to stock the pond with adult fish which are already large and healthy, then provide those fish with enough forage to keep them large and healthy.
The other is to grow large healthy fish in the recreational fish pond. In order to do that the pond owner stocks small bass and then provides those fish with a forage species in order for the bass to grow.

Regardless of which route a pond owner takes the common thread is bass need lots of forage in order to grow to their potential. Most game fish, but especially largemouth bass are prolific eaters. As a result, terrific growth rates are possible, but not without adequate forage. There are several techniques being used around the country to provide forage for bass. Most are based on stocking the pond with a forage species which reproduces at a high rate, hence providing the bass with a constant supply of new fish to eat. However, the underlying problem with this technique is once the bass grows large enough to eat the adults of the forage species the pond no longer produces the needed forage fish to sustain the bass population; resulting in unhealthy bass. A more reliable approach is providing the bass population with an adequate supply of forage throughout the year. We suggest feeding golden shiner or fathead minnows based on the pond's bass population, the goals of the pond owner, and the management practices of the pond's owner/manager.

Whether your recreational pond is 3 acres or 2000 acres we can help your bass achieve their potential by providing high quality minnows to grow trophy bass.